Hill of Beans Project

"The lives of three little people don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. Someday, you'll understand that."
~ Bogart, "Casablanca"

But what if there are more than three people? And how many Beans do you need exactly to amount to anything?

To put this question to the test, we will build this proverbial hill in a gallery, using cans of beans. Each standard 19oz bean can, will be labelled with an artwork submitted by contributors to the project. Think of it as a social experiment exploring the humble bean as a mode of communication in a technology obsessed world.

How much impact can a mere sculpture of beans have? Let's find out...

Do you have something important to say, but everybody thinks you are "Full of Beans"?

Spill your Beans! Submit a label to the Hill of Beans Project.

Here's how to Submit:

The Hill of Beans project is looking for sandard 19oz BEAN CAN LABELS, to be included in an exhibition. Date to be determined.

  1. Get a Template: Download a template from or make your own .
    Labels are 11" X 4.25" (note: there is a 0.5" overlap on the length)
    A standard 8.5 x 11 sheet cut in half will do nicely. Thicker paper stock 80lbs+ works well, but use whatever you prefer...
  2. Design: Theme and medium for label designs are wide open. Draw, photoshop, paint, collage, knit or use whatever you like to design the label, just remember to stay within the lines. Reference to a specific type of bean is not necessary, though someone who uses the can after the show may appreciate any indication of what is inside. There are five main types of Beans in the project: Kidney, Black, Navy, Garbonzo and Fava.
  3. Submit: Send a digital file of your can label - 300dpi .pdf, .png, .ai or .pdf to:
    or mail a physical copy to:
    Hill of Beans Project
    2- 3741 Main Street
    Vancouver BC

    Please include a short bio of yourself, including your birth date (or at least your astrological sign) and a preference of bean (kidney, black, navy, baked, fava or Garbonzo)
  4. Deadline: Submissions will be accepted until we nail down a date for the show, and perhaps even after that...
  5. Supplies: Cans will be supplied by the project. No need to supply your own! Just send a digital or physical copy of your label to the project. And when it's all over I'll donate the beans to good folk of a charity yet to be decided.
Download Label Template Here